SMART Services

Musical Theatre Group

Sing, Dance and drama , fun whilst performing and making new friends.

Work with SMART to put on our very own Musical Theatre Performance.

Youth Groups - 4 to 16 years

Bringing you together to meet new people, make new friends while enjoying a wide variety of different activities.

Study and Exam prep courses

Dealing with exam revision, assignments, stress, how to revise properly, dealing with anxieties & providing effective strategies, Identifying best learning styles for each attendee and mapping.

12+ Life Skills courses

A variety of life skills, social etiquette and social development.  Ways to build confidence and deal with daily stresses and anxieties. 

Behaviour Management and Support Classes

There is no guide book to being a parent.  We all need help at times in dealing with bad or confusing behaviour in children.  Our classes are designed to asses and work with families to help them manage behaviour.

Anxiety workshops

Specific workshops to help overcome severe anxieties.  By working in groups of like minded people 

Learning to Draw

Introduction to Character Design

Starting with basic anatomy, anybody can learn to draw their own cartoon and comic characters.

As well drawing skills you will also learn to understanding emotions and how to draw those in your characters 

Creativity Workshops

Allow your children to explore their creativity.  Whether it art, sport or games these workshops are designed to allow free thought and growth through creativity.

Bespoke 1:1 or group workshops

Working with each school or family, we are here to help with training staff, helping small groups with behaviour management or cover for staff in your SEN department. Get in contact on how SMART can assist you. 

Holiday Clubs

Fun! Don't feel guilty if you need to work! Trust us, the young people that attend our holiday club programmes beg parents to come back day after day! 

Book in early though, they sell out fast!

1 to 1 Personalised Therapy Sessions

Custom therapy sessions built around you and your children's specific needs. Amazing results with our bespoke sessions, and we are very proud of our evaluation results.

Performing & Production

If you have a young person who loves to sing & Dance, and want to be on stage, we are always working on a musical or drama production.Come along to one of our rehearsals, or fancy making props, learn about stage lighting or want to work behind the scenes, get in touch.