about smart

SMART provide a range of services which incorporates Cognitive Behaviour, ACT & DBT therapy and providing coping strategies through a range of creative and fun activities to young people aged between 8 & 18 years.

SMART support individual needs, encourages personal development, motivates and support each young person and their needs. SMART work closely with family and helps identifying triggers, learning styles, and provides life long useful strategies whilst having fun. 


As qualified and experienced SEN staff, we understand that some children may need additional support for them to feel safe and access to the same fun that their peers do. SMART makes this possible through our unique teaching style and our friendly team. SMART has published evidence that prove by attending our sessions, it will significantly makes a difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

It is proven that schools lack the understanding of providing essential needs to young people and they do not have experience to teach the social, emotional, personal development, life-skills or resilience that these children need as adults. Our specialists, throughout ALL of our workshops provide a warm friendly family hub.  Adults are signposted and supported by people who genuinely care.


Attending our workshops, they will make friends quickly and we will help support them to achieve a better future.